Inflatable Boat for the Ocean

inflatable boat for ocean

Modern, high-tech PVC boats have made them an affordable and, most importantly, safe option for going out on the water. PVC boats have proven themselves to be reliable in the shallow waters of the ocean environment.

A vast, unpredictable, endless element is tempting in itself and the catch it can give. However, the ocean does not like carelessness.

What design features should a boat have for the ocean:

  • PVC of high density (from 800 g / m2).
  • It is desirable to have a mounted or stationary transom for installing the outboard motor. Small inflatable boats without a transom are also used by fishermen in the ocean when going to shallow depths. They are inexpensive, not subject to state registration, and require a personal vehicle.
  • Hard bottom of the boat.
  • The presence of a keel. Keelboats are ideal for ocean travel. They quickly enter the planning mode due to the small area of ​​contact of the bottom with water. It is worth paying attention to this particular type of PVC boat.
  • As for the choice of colour, it is fundamentally different for an ocean boat and a boat planned to be used on rivers and lakes. It is better to dwell on a dark green colour in freshwater: this makes it easier to care for the boat during the water flowering. The best solution would be to buy a white boat for use in the ocean: it will heat up much less, and fishing will be more comfortable.
inflatable long boat lk400 with keel and hard deck floor to buy for sale find purchase

What do you need to successfully and safely navigate your inflatable boat in the ocean?

  1. It is imperative to register the boat and engine. On the sides, there must be numbers, and on the hands of the ship’s ticket, license and relevant documents. It would be best to pack them with you in an airtight bag.
  2. It is worth going to a depth no more than the boat’s recommended technical characteristics.
  3. It is highly desirable to have a partner.
  4. The boat should have two pairs of good oars with broad blades, regardless of the presence of an engine.
  5. One life jacket per person, plus whistles. In an emergency in cold water, it may not be possible to scream for help, and the whistle is far away and does not require much strength.
  6. When fishing, you will need one or preferably two anchors (for fixing the boat in variable weather from the stern and the bow)
  7. Equipping the boat with an echo sounder significantly increases your chances of a big catch. 
  8. Additional (spare) rope.
  9. A first-aid kit (let it contain alcohol, bandage and cotton wool, a remedy for the heart so as not to let you down at the right time, and an anesthetic).
  10. Do not neglect basic knowledge for survival, such as the skill of tying ocean knots on a rope.
  11. Knowledge of behaviour on the water will not hurt. For example, a simple rule can save you from many problems: never turn sideways to the wave.
  12. Say no to unnecessary things. It is better than the boat for two people, a three-seater, and four people to six.
  13. A knife and an empty plastic bottle per person will probably come in handy (so that it is not carried away by a gust of wind, it should be tied to yourself)
  14. Flashlight.
  15. An adequate supply of fresh water.
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If you follow our recommendations, your vacation on the ocean with inflatable boats will be safe, give you a lot of emotions, and remain a bright, positive island in your memory.

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