Tuning Opportunities

Tuning opportunities for inflatable boat

Many once-happy inflatable boat owners were eager to upgrade an inflatable boat’s functionality. But not all inflatable boat brands lend themselves well to tuning. Navigator Inflatable Boats can handle most tuning types, elevating the inflatable boat’s usability.

What are my options?

There are many ways to tune your inflatable boat, and we’ve listed some of the most popular below.

A rigged landing gear system for motorized inflatable boats with a stationary transom. Chassis – or transom wheels – make it a lot easier to transport the boat. More precisely – it’s already a transport. Even a relatively large inflatable boat with transom wheels is much more convenient to launch (or pull to shore) all by yourself. The bottom of the boat also eliminates unnecessary drag.

Moulds to protect the underside of the boat. If a central protective mould along the keel is required on keel-inflated boats, then further mouldings (along the junction of the bottom with the sides) are a rarity. But all Navigator motor inflatable boats with a stationary transom are outfitted with these moulds. Other models can be equipped with bottom mouldings at your request. Mouldings significantly reduce the friction of the bottom on the ground or the trailer if the inflatable boat is transported on “alert.”

Installing an awning or boat tent made of waterproof PVC awning fabric with increased resistance to environmental influences. In addition to the three most compact boats, all other Navigator inflatable boats can be equipped with a sun awning known as a bimini top. And on many models, a full-fledged boat tent can also be installed. Moreover, since we make awnings and tents, they are ideal for specific models of Navigator inflatable boats.

Adding an outboard transom to a rowing inflatable boat. There are inflatable rowing boats of various sizes in the Navigator model range, initially equipped with outboard transoms.

But, if for some reason you once chose a purely rowing boat, and later there was a need for a motor, you can install an outboard transom on the vast majority of strictly rowing Navigator boats. Secondly, the existing models of mounted transoms and their attachment methods are far from equal in reliability. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use only the transoms and mounts we manufacture.

Notice: you can do most of the tuning by yourself. But it’s better to trust the manufacturer. That’s the only guarantee that the tuning will be done right and efficiently on specific jobs. For example, protecting the bottom with additional mouldings or even installing accessories for attaching awnings or tents, including installing a hinged transom on a sailboat.

What can’t be done?

With the broadest tuning possibilities, there is still something technically unacceptable. For example, it is impossible to convert a rowing inflatable boat (even with an outboard transom) into a motorized inflatable boat with a stationary transom. After all, they differ in the design of the case. It seems obvious – but not for everyone (as rare requests show).

People often ask to convert a flat-bottomed boat into a keeled boat. This is not possible since the bottom itself is cut differently. 

An inflatable boat with an inflatable keel has a “bottom margin” – it provides room for the keel to stretch out once it is inflated. And the flat bottom is cut off to provide immediate tension. There’s no space for a keel.

The popular hints like “stack some sort of “floater” between the flooring and the flat bottom yourself” or “make a keel out of a ‘suitable’ material and stick it on the bottom of the bottom” are all wrong. The first will affect the boat’s handling, ride quality and comfort. It is also dangerous for the integrity of the boat. The second is less hazardous but unusable and can significantly impact the boat’s drive performance and comfort.

So, when choosing inflatable boats, consider the tuning possibilities. And if there is a desire to expand the inflatable boat’s capability, tune the vessel appropriately. And remember: You can always count on Navigator Inflatable Boats’ expert guidance and top-notch tuning.

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